HRIS Software

What exactly is HRIS Software? A company needs a complex computer network in order to keep their data on pay, management, accounting, hiring, and employee performance up to date and in good order. Software that assists in this process is known as HRIS, Human Resource Information System, and is available for any company that needs to get their systems digitized. A larger corporation will have different HRIS needs than a smaller business, but both will use the same tenants for their operations.

What’s In A Name

A Human Resource Information System will provide many different services to a company. One of the most important benefits is that it will be able to keep every employee’s information online and safe. This information can be everything from social security numbers to payroll, tax information, priorities and clearances for departments, and past records. In addition, this software will have analysis functions that allow a company to measure a employee performance over time whenever such metrics (like spending efficiency) call for it. It will have all the data on employee time for vacations and sick leave, as well as the hours spent on projects whenever applicable.

Corporate Culture

Often times a company will keep their important information on HRIS software. This tends to be the employee handbooks and informational guides, but also emergency and safety procedures so that a manager or employee will know what to do in the event of power outages, fires, or security situations. A company that uses training videos for new employees can keep them on the digital archives so that they can be loaded and accessed from any part of the company server. Any procedures for promotion, suspension, or regulation may also be kept online so that employees and managers may search them whenever necessary.

Benefits And Pay

The heaviest traffic on HRIS software comes from looking up or recording the information on payroll and company benefits. Administration of benefits, beginning at enrollment and including any changes to status or priority, can be handled simply by inputting the necessary information for individuals or the collective company. Any time it is necessary to change personal information, whether it be names or addresses, the payroll need only be updated by an HR representative. This can be quite helpful whenever companies merge departments, since the automated system in place assists with the employee turnover and new catalogs.

Hiring And Releasing

Since turnover of employees is at an all time high for the corporate world, much of an HRIS software is devoted to tracking job applicants and handling the release of existing employees. An HRIS system will track all incoming resumes and applications for jobs, filtering out candidates without the necessary prerequisites and experience so that the HR manager has the best options in front of them to find suitable candidates for employment. When an employee moves on to a new job, the system allows for discharge, transferring any necessary benefits or tax information to a new company’s network with only a click of a button.

What A Service Should Do

If you are looking to get HRIS software for your business, large or small, you want to make sure that it provides all the services you will need for running your organization. Any company that wants to get good mileage out of its system will need to track employee attendance, pay history including raises, pay grades or promotions, training, any disciplinary action or regulation, employee information, management successions or chains of command, categorization for high potential employees, and applicant tracking. If you find a system that does not have one of these vital services, it may end up costing you in the long run even if it is less expensive that its competitors.

The Bottom Line

The paper office is a relic of the past and keeping employee information in physical files is no longer an efficient way to run a business. Today, you need a comprehensive digital system in order to ensure that there are no errors in employee management. HRIS software fills all the gaps in HR management so that you are best able to allocate the people you need to the projects most critical to your company’s health and well being.